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Care Instructions


Washing -Turn inside out, machine wash in cold water on gentle. Please do not use hot or warm water. Do not keep your items submerged in water. Wash with like colors. Hang to dry or lay flat.

Iron - inside out when removing wrinkles.

Vinyl - If your shirt has vinyl on it take extra care not to directly touch with an iron. Irons will melt vinyl if directly touched.

Shirt backings - Every embroidered shirt, bodysuit, dress, etc will include a soft backing on the inside of the item. The purpose of this soft backing is to cover the applique/embroidery thread to prevent the design from scratching your baby/child's soft skin. After several washings the backing may start to come off a little. If this happens turn item inside out. Lay flat on ironing board. Set iron to medium heat, NO STEAM. Spread backing back out onto the applique/embroidery. PRESS iron onto backing and hold in place for 5 seconds. Move iron over and PRESS iron onto another portion of backing. DO NOT "rub" as if ironing out wrinkles, this will not secure it properly. 

Cubbies® Care

Remove the stuffing from the body and the head (some of the Cubbies® only have one removable pod). For the safest results, hand wash using lukewarm water. For washing machine, wash alone using cold water.

Dishware Care

Hand wash dishware only. Prior to submerging any dishware with fabric inserts remove the fabric by unscrewing inner colored liner from the outside portion.